About Every Day Design

Every Day Design is a podcast from Urbanist Rachel Fisher and Designer Abigail Hall, friends brought together by a shared love of design and it’s potential to make everyday life a little bit better.

Rachel Fisher is a public servant by day, design enthusiast by night, and an urbanist all the time.

Raised in Austin, Texas and educated at Barnard College in New York City, she has made London her home since 2001. She has held a variety of policy and public affairs roles at the RICS, RSA, CABE, Design Council and National Housing Federation before joining the civil services in 2017. She has expertise in urban design, sustainability and regeneration.

In 2012 Rachel helped set up Urbanistas, a global network amplifying the voices of women to make cities better for everyone. From a group of 15 women in London, the network now has over 2,000 members and chapters across the UK, Australia and the US. Rachel regularly contributes to Commotion, the Urbanistas journal.

She has spoken extensively on the importance of good design in creating a more humane approach to urbanism, including at the Royal Academy, Central Saint Martins, and on national television and radio. For more information please visit her blog www.rachelannfisher.wordpress.com

Follow Rachel on twitter @rachelafisher

Abigail Hall is an expert interior designer, speaker and author. Abigail’s success has been hard earned, building a business from a small cottage industry in the early 00’s to an international design consultancy working on high end residential projects across the globe.

Now based back in Europe she has most recently won the 2017 Evening Standard London House of the year for a penthouse which was fully designed, built and fitted out under her guidance. She has also released Cushions, Corruption and Crime, a semi-autobiographical book about the work of an international interior designer.

Abigail is currently working as a consultant to top London developers and brands providing technical and design guidance.

Her real passion is ‘Designing Happiness’, using both practical and aesthetic design to influence an individual’s wellbeing.

She is already an expert speaker on this subject with BAID (British Association of Interior Design, on BBC radio, and at Grand Designs exhibition.

To read more about Abigail’s work and view her portfolio visit www.abigailhall.design 

Follow Abigail on Twitter @Abigail_Hall or Instagram @abigailhalldesign