Episode 6: Hibernation

Baby it’s getting cold outside and all Abigail and Rachel want to do is curl up with a good book (or podcast) and stay cozy. This episode explores what it means to hibernate, and what are the design tricks that can help you get away from it all, either at home or when out and about.

This month I:

Abigail made a pilgrimage to the Royal Opera House to see The Nutcracker. Shockingly for all involved it was her first time to the Opera House, but not particularly shockingly she spent at least as much time thinking about the architecture as she did about the dance.

Rachel has discovered The Developer a new magazine dedicated to excellent placemaking. In particular they have a great new podcast with the super clever Araceli Camargo on neuroscience and cities.

Good Design / Bad Design

Rachel took work trip to Cambridge where she reflected on Desire Lines – which is fancy urban design speak for where people want to go…

Abigail has been doing some end of year reflection on products that you buy thinking that they will change your life – but ultimately are a bad design choice if they aren’t making your life easier (we are looking at you wobble board).


What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel warm? Does a boutique hotel bedroom work for everyone?

Abigail gets serious about the quality of bed linens and recommends putting your money where your back is and investing in a good quality bed like Savoir Beds or even bringing the hotel home with Hilton.

Rachel reflects on how you can provide opportunities for cosiness in the out doors, from Copenhagen café culture to Pancras Square in London.

Designing Together

London is a city of clubs – perhaps this is in response to the weather – or just the famous British awkwardness. In any case Abigail and Rachel took a trip to The Royal Academy, where Abigail is a ‘friend’, and had a drink and a chat about what makes you feel at home, even when you’re out and about. Rachel is more of an acquaintance of the RA, but has recently published this essay in their journal! It’s all about what makes a liveable (and loveable) city, and will shortly be followed up with Rachel in conversation with David Madden on the RA podcast.

Next Month I will….

Abigail is challenging herself to take a new look at modernism and brutalism. Rachel is going the opposite direction and starting a Burlesque class (building on her star turn in Gypsy in high school…)

What are your good design resolutions for the new year?

See you in 2019!




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